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Hi, I'm Rich Bartell, owner of bartellonline.com. As someone with nearly a quarter century of information technology experience who tends to be a bit of a control freak, I suppose it was inevitable that in order to tailor Internet services such as e-mail and web hosting exactly as I wanted them, I ended up becoming system administrator of my own GNU/Linux server. Since I really enjoyed the process and since meeting my personal Internet needs used only a fraction of my server's capacity, I figured I'd try to defray some of the cost, and perhaps even make a little profit, by custom-tailoring similar Internet services for other individuals or businesses who may need them. The result was bartellonline.com.

Maybe there's something specific you've always wanted your web or e-mail server to do that your current provider doesn't offer. Maybe you just want to receive e-mail using your own business name but don't have the interest or expertise to set it up. Maybe you have an idea for an entirely new Internet service and want to know whether it's possible. Maybe you're just tired of the inflexibility of your current web host. Whatever the case, please feel free to contact us to see if we can help out.

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